The purpose of the endowment fund of the Wood County Committee on Aging is to provide a level of insurance towards the future. The fund has mostly been contributions from memorials or bequests from senior citizens or their families.
Many people have made provisions in their wills to have this fund named for friends and neighbors to give memorials. This is one way to help preserve the services and programs of the Wood County Committee on Aging without direct contributions.

Some contributions have been made to honor another person for something in their lives that is important — for example, a contribution to celebrate a special anniversary or birthday. Naming this fund in a will for a bequest is an excellent way to give back to the community for a good lifetime.

Please consider this endowment fund when you are making your financial plans. For more information, please call 1-800-367-4935.

The Wood County Committee on Aging is funded by a Wood County tax levy, and also in part by a Title III grant under the Older Americans Act as administered through the Ohio Department of Aging and the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio. Additional funds are raised by Wood County Seniors Club.

For more information please visit Friends of WCCOA website.