Tax Assistance

We are no longer accepting appointments for Tax Preparation for 2019. We will resume taking appointments for Tax Preparation Services in early 2020. Thank you!


Wood County Senior Center
140 South Grove St.
Bowling Green, OH

Trained & certified volunteer counselors will be available to prepare federal, state and school district income tax returns. The program is primarily intended for low and moderate income seniors. Since appointments are for one hour, complex returns (for example, numerous capital gain/loss transactions) cannot be handled. Such cases should be handled by a professional tax preparer. Confidentiality is required of all tax counselors and greeters. Please note that the tax payer is responsible for the accuracy of the return.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Social security card (s) and photo ID (s)
  • All forms showing income
  • A copy of your 2019 income tax return.
  • All Affordable Care Act documents.
  • Expense Records (medical, state and local taxes, real estate taxes, mortgage interest contributions, etc.) are important especially if you itemize. NOTE: especially large medical expenses may help for State taxes even if you do not itemize deductions.
  • If any assets were sold we need to know the cost basis and date of purchase of the asset.
  • Voided Check if you want electronic refunds
  • If filing a joint return, both spouses must be present.

Confidentiality is required of all tax counselors and preparers.

You are required to arrive 20 minutes early to your appointment in order to fill out the required paperwork.

You must have ALL documents listed above with you on the day of your appointment. Farm income is out of scope for this program. Simple business income can be handled, but expenses must not exceed $25,000.

For an appointment call the Program Department at 419.353.5661 or 800.367.4935.