Prescription Agencies

Prescription Assistance

The following resources may help get you assistance with your prescription drugs if you are unable to get prescription medication, do not qualify for a Medicare Part D plan, or are underinsured.

Many plans give you assistance without a fee, and some require a monthly premium the way that insurance would.

If you are unable to get a generic for your prescribed medication, please inform your medical doctor or health care provider that you are having difficulty paying for your medication. You may also be eligible for Medicaid, which would get you payment for your medications.

  • Needy Meds (Assistance Program Locator)
  • Ohio’s Best Rx program 1-866-923-7879
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance 1-877-Rx4-OHIO
  • Rx Outreach 1-800-769-3880
  • Patient Advocate Foundation (Co-Pay Relief/resource search) 1-800-532-5274
  • Rxrelief Card (Pharmacy discount plan) 1-885-251-3690
  • Veterans Assistance Center (Wood County)   (419) 354-9147
  • Medicare Rx Extra Help (Low Income Subsidy) 1-800-686-1578
    Qualifications for aid are below these limits:

    • Single Person:
      Monthly Income: $1,437
      Resources: $13,300
    • Married Person:
      Monthly Income: $1,939
      Resources: $26,580
  • Ohio Medicaid (Department of Job and Family Services) 1-888-282-1118
    • Single/$642 (Resource limit: $1,500.)
    • Married/$1,086 (Resource limit: $2,250)
    • Passport Medicaid (Income/asset guidelines for people who need hands on assistance. Income less than $1,406.00/month. Asset limit of $1,500/total.)

The Wood County Committee on Aging (WCCOA) does not endorse or promote any agency. We do provide you with options that are available in Wood County. WCCOA is not responsible for any agreements/contracts which you have arranged with any agency.