Health and Wellness

The Wood County Committee on Aging offers many activities to help maintain health and wellness in older adults.

Exercise Classes

See our newsletter for a full listing of current exercise classes at our sites.

NEW! Summer Fitness Challenges

To recognize Fall Prevention Awareness day on September 22, we are offering two Summer Fitness Challenges! You may choose to participate in one or both challenges. You can keep track of your exercises on your own, or pick up a post card to guide you, available at the Wood County (Bowling Green), Rossford, Northeast (Walbridge), or Perrysburg Senior Centers.

Six-Pack Challenge
(Click the above link to print a sheet that will show your results!)

July—September Prizes Sponsored by Genesis Village: Count the number of times you complete the strength exercises listed below. (All exercises can be completed sitting or standing.) The person who completes the 6 exercises the most times from July through September will win the GRAND PRIZE! All other participants will be entered to win second prize.
Sit-to-Stand: Stand up from a chair or other surface without using your hands. Repeat five times.
Seated Leg Lift: Lift the knee to the chest, straighten leg out and lower to the floor pointing the toe throughout. Repeat five times on each leg.
Double Straight-Leg Lift: Extend the leg in front of you with toes pointed until parallel to the floor. Sweep the leg to the side as far as it will go. Return to the center front position before lowering to the floor. Repeat five times on each side.
Shoulder Touch/Reach Overhead: Stretch arms to the side, level with your shoulders and palms up. Bend elbows and tap shoulders, and return them to sides. Then reach arm over head by ears to reach for the ceiling. Repeat five times.
Side Bend: Sitting in a chair with feet firmly planted on the ground, stretch out your right hand above your head and lean to the left aiming to touch your finger tips to the ground. Then repeat on the left side. Repeat five times.
Ankle Circles: Sitting in a chair with your back tall, either bend a knee or extend your leg in front of you. Circle your ankle five times to the right and then five times to the left. Then point and flex your foot five times. Repeat on the other leg.

Race Around the County
(Click the above link to print a sheet to track your results!)

July—September  Prizes Sponsored by Genesis Village
We calculated the distance between all of our eight Senior Centers, as the crow flies! There are 82 miles to complete a full circle as you can see on the map to the right. Keep track of the miles you walk every day from July through September. (Marching in place works, too! 15 minutes=1 mile)
Once you have walked a total of 82 miles, give us a call to see if you have won the “Race Around the County”! A GRAND PRIZE will be awarded to the race winner, and all other participants will be entered to win second prize.
Pick up a postcard at any senior center to track your progress or print one from the above link!  KINSEY will email you the post card that can be included.


Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Clinics

Blood pressure and blood sugar tests are available each month at our Bowling Green, Perrysburg, Rossford, North Baltimore and Walbridge locations. Cholesterol testing is available several times a year. For details and this month’s clinic dates, please see our newsletter or contact our agency at 419.353.5661.